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Academic honesty GSU academic honesty policy
Plagiarism avoiding plagiarism: examples and definition

Basic Biology and Chemistry
Sequence and Structure
Genetic Code
Atoms - Periodic Table of the Elements (University of Nottingham)
Molecules of Life - Proteins
The New Genetics - Genes, DNA & RNA

Protein and Nucleic Acid Structure Database PDB

Basic Crystallography
Celebrating 100 years of Crystallography
Crystallography On-line

Protein Structure Tutorials Kinemages and ProTeach2

To Display PDB Structures RasMol

National Center for Biotechnology Information NCBI
Site for PubMed, Genome, gene and protein sequence and structure databases.

Sequence Alignment and Proteomics Tools ExPASy
Translate DNA to Protein, PROSITEs , and LALIGN for pairwise alignment.
PLALIGN for Dot Matrix Plot
CLUSTALW for multiple sequence alignment.
Search sequence databases FASTA and BLAST

Molecular Modeling Tools: AMMP and structure prediction server

Genetics Home Reference