Irene Weber

Regents' Professor of Biology and Chemistry, Georgia State University
Georgia Cancer Coalition Distinguished Cancer Scholar

Office phone (404) 413-5411 and e-mail address

Laboratory Personnel

Graduate Courses:
Fundamentals of Bioinformatics 6640 and Advanced Bioinformatics 8630

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Research Projects

We are studying the molecular basis of disease by analyzing the mode of action of key regulatory proteins at the molecular level using the techniques of bioinformatics, biochemistry and crystallography.

HIV Protease: HIV and other retroviruses cause AIDS and cancer in humans and other animals. We are studying the crystal structures and enzyme activities of drug resistant mutants of HIV protease and developing new antiviral inhibitors. Summary of recent results

Caspases: Caspases regulate apoptosis and inflammation by cleavage of proteins. Abnormal caspase activity is associated with many diseases: cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, stroke, heart disease, sepsis, viral and bacterial infections. We are studying the structure and substrate recognition of caspases with applications in the control of cancer and Alzheimer's disease. Recent Research

Bacterial enzymes Bacterial enzymes are targets for design of antibiotics. We are studying the structures of various enzymes including choline oxidase, D-amino acid dehydrogenases, esterases and superoxide dismutases.

Glucokinase and glycemic diseases: Molecular models of human glucokinase have been used to understand the effects of mutations associated with diabetes and other glycemic diseases.

Molecular Modeling Methods: Protein structures are being predicted by Homology Modeling using AMMP.