Bioinformatics course Bioinformatics BIOL/CHEM/CSC8630

Four credit hours.


Lecture/Lab: Tuesday/Thursday 10:00-11:40 pm Room CS 400
Office Hours: Monday 1:00-2:00 pm and by appointment for both Drs. Harrison and Weber.


Bioinformatics is the central course in our interdisciplinary graduate program.
Students select courses from the 4 participating departments of

Course Description:

A "hands-on" approach to learning bioinformatics using PCs, the internet, and computer graphics analysis. Bioinformatics covers the analysis, correlation and extraction of information from biological databases. This course will emphasize sequence and structure databases for proteins and nucleic acids and introduce the computing skills necessary for bioinformatics. Students will learn to program in Python using the UNIX operating system. There will be a team project in which all students contribute Python programs to a server. The principles involved in the molecular modeling of macromolecules will be described. Practical examples will be given, with time for discussion.

Prerequisites: BIO/CHE/CSC 6640 and knowledge of a computer programming language.