Web Syllabus for Fundamentals of Bioinformatics BIOL/CHEM/CSC6640

Four credit hours.

Instructors: Dr. Weber, Office SA503, phone 404 651-0098, e-mail: iweber@gsu.edu
Dr. Harrison, Office 1440, 34 Peachtree St., phone 404 651-0668, e-mail: rharrison@cs.gsu.edu
Lecture: Tuesday/Thursday 10:00-11:40am Room COE140
Office Hours: Tuesday/Thursday 1:00-2:00 pm and by appointment for Dr. Weber and Dr. Harrison.

Course Description: A "hands-on" approach to learning bioinformatics using PCs, the internet, and computer graphics to analyze, correlate and extract information from biological databases, emphasizing sequence and structure databases for proteins and nucleic acids and introduce the computing skills necessary for bioinformatics. Topics include: sequence and three-dimensional structures of proteins and nucleic acids, the major databases, algorithms for sequence comparison, data mining and prediction of structure and function.

Course Objectives: The goal of the course is to introduce the concept of bioinformatics, specifically as applied to the sequence and structure databases for proteins and nucleic acids. Students will perform practical examples using computers and programs available in any laboratory or home setting.

Course Grades: Each of the two exams will constitute 20% of the final grade, the project will be 20%, and the other 40% will be based on attendance, completing the class assignments and participating in the discussions.

Tentative Topic Schedule

1. Introduction
2. Genes and genomes
3. Major biological databases
4. Basics of Computer Science
5. Searching Databases
6. Protein sequence and structure
7. Sequence and structure of DNA and RNA
8. Algorithms for sequence alignment
9. Analysis of sequences
10. Interrelation of sequence and structure
11. bioinformatics computing skills
12. Advanced applications

Note: The course syllabus provides a general outline only, and deviations may be necessary.