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In order to boost readership (royalties don’t mean anything if you don’t sell anything), i decided to try a free promotion for my books this week. The idea is to celebrate a new book by making them free for a few days so that people actually read them.

The results are interesting, because I can get quasi-realtime numbers from Amazon. In the USA anything with “vampire” in the title will sell well, followed by romance/historical, and then science fiction. Or at least that’s what happens with my books. In the UK, historical fiction outsells both science fiction and “vampire”.  In Canada historical fiction and “vampire” do about the same – though the numbers are too small for a more meaningful conclusion.

I’m actually quite pleased with the results, when I give the books away they do well and get to the front page in their categories. So I’m not an awful author, just an unknown one. Unknown is fixable, but if you’ve written as much as I have and are still awful, then you’re in trouble.

Anyway I usually publish drafts either at Authonomy or Create space. I’d love to hear about them.


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