Lessons for self-publishing.

I’ve learned a few things about self-publishing the hard way – so I’ll pass them on and hopefully save someone else a headache

  1. Use a search engine to check your title.  My book “new southern vampire” has nothing to do with the “southern vampire” series (only found out about it recently – which is not an excuse for a similar title). They are quite different, but it looks like a cheap attempt at a knock off. Wonder if it’s hard to change titles?
  2. Check to see what are similar books for choosing the book classification.
  3. Page numbers.  This may seem silly but page numbers aren’t generated by the create space book printing engine.  Either you put them there or there aren’t any.  While you’re at it, adjust their template to make the book look more professional. At a minimum play with the paragraph splitting controls to avoid big blank spaces. You should also probably use the text alignment settings to fill paragraphs so that there isn’t a ragged edge.
  4. Proof read. Proof read, Proof read.

Anyway hope this is helpful.


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