A Nice Walk in the Cotswalds

Visiting family in the UK. Had a nice 1.92 mile after dinner stroll on part of the Cotswald way.

Tyndale walk

Tyndale walk

The rainy weather has broken for the last two days so the paths are merely muddy. We drove up to Nibley after dinner and strolled up to the Tyndale monument. Tyndale is an important figure in the reformation – he risked his life to translate the bible into English (something even the Roman Catholics now (reluctantly) accept). The path from the road is a steep but short climb up some rather slippery mud and wood steps. After climbing the tower – and getting a bit dizzy on its spiral staircase – we wandered off through the woods to find Bracken Hill fort. The loop at the end of the trail follows one of its walls. (you can just see it in the picture). It is rather overgrown and would be hard to recognize, except it is being cleared and restored.

There are two approaches to English muck in summer. 1) wear wellies and try to keep your feet dry and 2) wear sandals and just get wet. I tend to like the second of these approaches – you cannot keep the feet dry because they will sweat if nothing else, but the feet dry quickly in sandals. It is the same idea as trail runners and works well as long as you have sandals that fit and give enough support (keens work for me but your mileage may be different)

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