Back to the future?

I’ve had a chance to play with a scanner – to save some of our old slides and negatives so that they can survive the digital transition.

The Epson v600 photo scanner is supported under Linux and the drivers/programs load easily.  I found xsane to be easier to use that the Image scan program that comes with the drivers, but that is a matter of personal choice.

What is fascinating is the quality of the scanning.  Color slides worked reasonably well, but the quality of the black and white was impressive (even as a 256 level scan). Almost makes it worth using film again.

our dog in the 1970s

our dog in the 1970s

Since I write about outdoor gear more than a little bit, this shows what it looked like in the 1970′s.

my 1970's pack on a rock

my 1970's pack on a rock

This picture of one or my friends on a spring break scout trip (sort of what venturers do today) shows what we looked like.

Hiking in the not so distant past.

Hiking in the not so distant past.

We did about 50 miles in a week (Penmar to Mt Holly Springs). Less than I’d do today, but not bad given the gear and our experience. None of the packs were the huge conventional “backpacking packs”, and we were glad of the shelters as it snowed. (you can pack 10 people into an “5 person” shelter).


  • that dog is adorable :)

    Comment | December 26, 2011
  • Wow, great scanner. Thanks for sharing the picture, must of been one heck of a hike!

    Comment | December 29, 2011

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