Efficiency Doesn’t Always Have to Be Boring.

We recently had to retire an old boat due to a rotten transom. Bit of a pity because it was a neat design and fast, but when a 40-year old hull rots – it’s time for a trip to the dump (our favorite marine shop in Centre- Spring Creek Marine – stripped the engine and found a good use for it). So we replaced it with a small riverhawk 15 foot “canoe-oid” boat from boating atlanta. boat by the dockIt is powered by a 5-HP Briggs and Stratton (yes they make boat engines as well as lawn mower engines). It isn’t quite as fast as the old boat, but it is a blast and easily gets up to 15-20 MPH range. You can paddle it – sort of like a canoe – but it doesn’t handle with a paddle as well as a “real” canoe. It gets phenomenal mileage (knotage?). The old boat with a 70HP engine easily used 5-10 gallons of fuel in a few hours of running around the lake. We can now go a whole weekend on less than 3 gallons – not bad. It is a bit more sensitive to heavy weather than the old boat (it does have a much lower freeboard – so this isn’t surprising), but has easily handled everything we’ve been willing to go out in (and I’m no fair-weather sailor – doesn’t “small boat advisory” mean good sailing ;-) ? (not really)). It is fast enough to tube with – if we can engineer a good rope attachment point (I have an idea but more on that latter).

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