A couple of quick notes

Getting ready to attend CASP-9.   Better quality models than CASP-8, but more and harder targets.

But that’s not the topic of the post.  Due to plane schedules I have a chance to try a short backpacking trip.  My lightweight gear will easily fit in carry-on and one checked  bag.  I’ll try the Henry W. Coe state park which is very neat and just east of Morgan Hill (one of my favorite stopping places en route).  This will be my first solo trip, but as I’m thinking of the AT – need to start somewhere.

A couple of gear pointers:

  1. Use solid fuel – should work as well if not better than ethanol and is “airplane safe”.
  2. To save wear on my pack on the plane – I’m trying the new REI flash50.  It’s big enough, but doesn’t have the huge mesh pockets that are just waiting to be ripped.  I’ve used it for a couple of day-ish trips and a visit to my brother and it is pretty comfortable.  We’ll see how it does in real life.
  3. Needed to replace my boots – I really like the Lowa boots.  The new insoles were rubbing – but being replaceable I could take my old comfy ones out of the old boots and put them in the new ones.
  4. Probably use a tarp and “sissy sticks” for shelter.  I’m debating using a bivy sack or just a ground sheet.
  5. There aren’t bears – but are pigs and wild cats – so I’ll still use an ursack
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  • How’d it go? You’re pretty hardcore by opting for just a tarp and sissy sticks…

    Comment | December 13, 2010
  • Rob

    Went very well. As long as there aren’t really high winds or you can find a sheltered site tarps are bigger, nicer and faster to set up than tents.

    Comment | December 20, 2010

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