A Sense of Humor

More thinking about our Northern Tier trip and why it went so well.

I can come up with two reasons:

  1. Involvement. Everyone was involved in planning and executing the plans. The scouts owned the trek and the adults owned parts of the preparation. In fact, other than some organizing and coordination, I did very little.
  2. Humor. Several of the scouts where cutups, in fact at times all of them were. Since things written on the internet have an indefinite (and possibly infinite) lifetime, I won’t mention them by name. Ranging from one who would say whatever passed through his mind (3 days in – “yo A-dog, where’s the ice?”), to quiet clowning, and finally to supplying humorous translations of a bi-lingual firstaid manual (“how to give a super wedgie” as translation for a 2-man lift) this clowning lessened the tension of a physically hard and sometimes rather cold trek.

This is sort of right out of the wood badge training book, but it really seems to have worked.

Dawn view
Another dawn view, showing one of the excellent Souris River 18.5 foot Quetico canoes (made locally in Atikokan).

Queuing to portage. The rock face in the background where the canoe is being lifted is pretty typical.

Paddling into a bay on the way to a tricky portage

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