More on the Asus 1000H

I had to rebuld my asus after an automated upgrade. ARRRGH!. Anyway it is probably best to unpack the development kit to a directory (mount the iso, use tar -cvf – <files> | tar -xf -; then move directories around) so that the files are always there. The specific thing that broke it was an upgrade to the chinese language module which is not exactly useful for us Gaijun.

By not implmenting any of the asus upgrades I can now get GIMP to install, so I would recommend not doing any of their upgrades until you are happy with the system (and probably not even then).

More notes 5/7/09 – I’ve had a couple of mysterious crashes where the disk is completely overwritten and it has to be rebuilt. Could be a hardware error, but the only reproducible factor was I’d just built and installed OCAML – so it’s also possible that the OCAML install script overwrites something important on this machine.

5/13/09 – Definitely not OCAML,  either a loose battery or a hardware defect.  I don’t get a repeat when its plugged in which suggests the battery isn’t locked down.  But it may require a call to Asus to resolve this.

5/16/09 – loose battery. Make sure that that the battery is locked in.  If it is not locked in then it can be moved to partially depower the system which scrambles the memory.

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