Trilobites of Lake Weiss

Finally I’ve managed to find a trilobite fossil. It’s been something for which I’ve been searching for many years. Northeast Alabama has rocks of the appropriate ages and it is just a matter of finding the right layer and the right location (as the fossils are somewhat sporadic). I can usually find the rocks, but it is my eagle-eyed wife who usually finds the interesting fossils (she found one last year).

Anyway, in the Lake Weiss area (and especially the spring creek area) there are two layers of sedimentary mudstone. The upper layer, which is light tan in color and contains a fair amount of alluvial gravel is generally barren. The lower layer, which is grayish, has a fair number of interesting fossils in it. We’ve found soft corals, something that looks like a sponge or squashed sea-urchin, a small number of shells, some mysterious tracks, and (finally!) trilobites. This lower layer is right below the full pool limit – so if you want to look – now is the time.

so here’s my best fossil which has 5 small casts. I’m not sure what the dark brown thing in the middle is (it looks like an ammonite, but could be something else).

There is another species of trilobite as well, and this fossil – which my son found – is a good example.

postscript: These are probably Cambrian fossils. If you look closely at the right hand edge of the second picture you can see a fringe of scales. S. M. Gon III’s page has a good set of information.

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