Windows 7 usb mouse and keyboard disappear.

My son built a new gaming PC for his birthday. Ended up with a pretty nice box – which I insisted he make dual boot (he’ll need linux at college, really).

The windows 7 kept losing the keyboard and mouse. Looking on line, we saw this was a common enough occurance. The canned answers from microsoft ranged from “use your mouse to click” to “reinstall windows”. Neither is exactly helpful.

It turns out, though, that there is a solution (at least on the 64 bit version and probably everywhere else). The default windows 7 install does not know about USB 2.0 or various advanced motherboard features. We found this out by trial and error (my errors, my son’s trials). We checked the USB connection to the mother board – which was OK, and then looked at the bios setup. Enabling only the “legacy usb support” on the motherboard USB support cleared up the problem. We were then able to install the manufacturers drivers and everything, so far, is working fine.

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