What are they after?

Just called by another helpful “windows central” software specialist, Pauline from India.  I tried to string her along a bit better to see what they were up to, but eventually she got frustrated and hung up on me.

The conversation went something like:

“is this <my name>?”


“I’m Pauline from windows central and your computer has been sending error messages”

“Is that microsoft?”


There were a few other choice lines like “40% of the programs on your machine weren’t working”

She wanted me to bring the phone next to the computer and follow her instructions, I wanted her to let me right them down. The call ended when I said that my son had installed this program called linux and <click>.

This seems to be an awful lot of work for to simply compromise a machine – rooted windows machines are a dime a dozen.  It’s likely she wanted to install a keystroke capture program and capture my banking details or credit card details – which would be worth the work.

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