Daniel, from Microsoft

I just had an amusing phone call.  “Daniel, from microsoft” , Well really “Daniel” from India or Pakistan or some such place.

He informed me that for the last ten days my computer was sending error messages to microsoft. I asked for more details, and he wanted me to bring up an account on the machine.  There was this software, the sort that hackers use, installed. There is, it’s called Linux, it’s been installed for much longer than 10 days, but that’s an aside. “Daniel” (who had a bit of trouble remembering his name), couldn’t give me any information about the machine – which isn’t surprising as he didn’t have any.

Anyway, it being dinner time here and my catfish getting cold, I told him, rather rudely, to do something anatomically impossible (literally, they wouldn’t understand American slang).

The basic scam/attack was rather neat. It was a social attack – an abuse of trust attack. Undoubtedly I’d have been directed to download some program that would clean up the “hacking software”. They wouldn’t have to work hard to break into whatever security I had, because I’d have done it for them.  Then the faeces would have been in the means of air propulsion. It wouldn’t have taken long for my machine to be converted into an attack engine or downloaded all of my passwords or whatever. Since it would be likely that I was a doddering old idiot for accepting this “system enhancement” I’d probably never think to get it fixed.  (I can still tell when a long deceased ex-scouter bully has his computer turned on because I get sent an email suggesting I buy things that are the latest and greatest things – and no it isn’t a voice from the dead).

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