Quick and Dirty Grill

We’ve been helping my father move into “independent living”, which is a bit fun.

The last full night at his house, before the movers came to pack, we thought we’d cook a nice meal. Of course there was not exactly much in the way of barbecuing/grilling equipment. So true to form, we improvised.

We bought a disposable aluminum backing tray and folded the rims up on the long sides. Then ran some skewers through to form a grill. In leave no trace fashion we put the thing on a pair of clay plant pots (bricks or sterile soil would work too), and light a fire. Once the coals were lit, we replaced the skewers and started to grill.

The grill after lighting the coals and before adding the steaks

The total weight of this contraption is quite small, and it would work as a back-country grill for fish or similar things. Even buying everything new, the total cost is about $5, which is much lower than similar “backpacking” grills I’ve seen advertised.  The pan is re-usable and will fold (carefully) to fit into a pack.
cooking the steaks

And the steaks were good.

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