Pack Weights

As part of practicing for Philmont, we’re bringing packs to tonights troop meeting.

Carrying the crew firstaid kit and the clothes I’ll wear, I’m at 20 lbs – which isn’t bad for a skin out weight.

I’m going to try the 40 degree MLD quilt & bivy sack, but carry a warmer bag that I can pack if it is too cold on the nights before we hit the trail.  With this I’ll carry a warm jacket – which is part of the sleep system.  (of course if the warmer quilt I ordered actually comes, I’ll definitely use it).   This is right at the border of the temperatures that the NWS predicts for the area.

For Philmont especially – carry extra platypus’s and an expansion bag (the food is bulky).

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In praise of the NHS

The UK National Health Service (NHS) was highly bashed during last year’s heated debates about health care in the US. “Socialist Medicine”, “rationed care” and “second rate care” were high among the comments.

We had a chance (unfortunately) to use it for emergency treatment, and the criticism is highly misplaced.  Unlike the US, we were admitted without an extensive fiscal check before the physical check – indeed the emergency part of the treatment was covered (though we may have a bill awaiting for a second visit).  It took less time than is usual in Atlanta.  The standard of care was as high, if not higher, than here.   (I’ve never had a US M.D. re-xray a broken bone the next day after putting it in a cast to make sure it was still in place)

To be honest, the NHS has its problems, but it has undeniable strengths.  Having used it, I find it hard to argue against.

The total bill from the UK, including a visit to an orthopedic specialist and two x-rays, was 154 pounds.

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