Blood Mountain Cove Trail

The weekend we scouted out a trail as a possible troop (or failing that family) backpacking trip. Blood mountain cove has been intriguing me since I saw it on georgia hikes. But there is very little written about it. So since I’m the adult contact for organizing a troop trip in November, it was a good excuse for a day hike (as if I need one). The trail is beautiful with waterfallswaterfall on the trail and many shady vistas view on the trial

There’s also a fair amount of bear “sign” – more than I saw in all of Philmont as well as very few signs of human activity (at least after you left the rather trashy area near the parking area). It’s along Dicks creek which is supposed to be good trout fishing. There is day use parking (I’ll have to call the ranger for overnight).

The bear sign is significant enough that it is probably important to use proper bear camping procedures – either bear bags or canisters – and no food/food trash/dirty dishes /deodorant /toothpaste in camp. It is also wild enough that good leave no trace procedures are important. trail map
The trail map shows our exploration – we didn’t go all the way up to the high area campsites. You’ll note that the GPS track does not agree with the map, but it is where the main trail goes. We left the road trying to follow the map and bush-whacked through dense brush for about 1/4 mile, ate lunch, and then followed the GPS uphill until we found the real trail. There is a car campsite where the trail leaves the road, but it is rather trashy – might be OK for a Friday night arrival, but I wouldn’t want to stay there.

postscript:  This is a popular hunting area, Georgia deer hunting starts October 19 and ends sometime in January – so in the end we’ll have to wait for another time.

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