Supercat to the rescue

I had a chance to field test my latest exploration of alcohol stoves at the last weekend of powderhorn training.  Since turning gram-weenie, I’ve been trying to minimize weight and stove/cooking is one of the big areas where improvement is possible.  There are a number of designs at websites like zen backpacking stoves and they are often quite easy to make.  In fact, my son’s troop had the venture patrol make one design (a modified penny stove) in an evening of fun and flames.

While they have done OK in driveway testing, I’ve always been a little leary of trying them out for real.  (even the commercial example from antigravity gear tended to be a bit touchy)   So I finally took the plunge and brought a supercat along.


The supercat I made used a cat food can with two rows of holes (determined experimentally) – a row of about 12 holes 1/4 inch wide centered about 3/8 inch from the rim and a row of about 8 holes (also 1/4 inch wide) about 3/8 inch (on center) below that.  Pour about 1 ounce of denatured ethanol (my request for everclear was not approved ;->), light and boil away.

This is an efficient and light system when combined with a thermix insulation pouch and freezer bag cooking.

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