Not so superfeet after all

Just trying out a pair of superfeet (green) insoles after wearing out the insoles in my boots. (Philmont and practicing for it sort of do that) They are supposed to be really good. Really painful – if you have flat feet – is more like it. Just gentle walking for a day was enough to make me limp and I don’t normally have sensitive feet. Anyway, I’ve been fitting them by rasping the bottoms to lower and shift the arch support and may have managed to make them tolerable. It takes removing a good few millimeters to make them work. (I’ll post a picture if it really works) Don’t believe the advertising copy – these are not for everyone.

Update:  Especially not for me.  After returning to the pads with rested feet – all my efforts were in vain.  I found some flat pads and now my shoes are great again.  The problem seems to be with the hard plastic support in the superfeet (each version from the orange to the black  has a hard underpiece with a pronounced hard support).  I think they have one size – and then trim the rest of the pad to fit the shoe.  Therefore if you have size 8-10 feet (us sizes) then it fits, but if you have 13′s (moi) it doesn’t.   Either that or their anatomist has a very small heel.

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