Don’t Use the Red Maps!

Just back from the UK where my family and I spent a good amount of time exploring the public footpaths in the south of England. There are two sets of appropriate maps Explorer (red) and Pathfinder (orange). The red maps are great for driving and show the foot paths, but for the second time in two trips are not quite up to date. We ended up turning a short 3 mile walk near Avesbury into a 6 mile trek (and climbed up the downs several times) as the path didn’t actually follow the map. This is very frustrating as we now have several good map readers in the family and we knew where we were and where the path should be – it just wasn’t there. The orange maps are (usually) more up to date – and show the hedge rows, but when I checked they aren’t always that much better. (wouldn’t have helped with this trip, but would have with the other one).

So database accuracy vs. the real world is still a critical issue.

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