Current handouts and data. Many of these are in open office which is tough if you don't have it. But it is free to install and runs on nearly anything.
the syllabus
A useful guide to classical approaches from the US army as a compressed tar file. The original sources are on line.

class handouts

These are the current versions. Older versions will be different so don't use them. You have been warned.
  1. first homework.
  2. substitution
  3. cipher examples
  4. statistics without a license.
  5. digression on fraud.
  6. Shannon's coding theorm and introduction to streamciphers.
  7. simple coding examples.
  8. secret sharing - intro to lattice methods.
  9. more on stream ciphers, and a bit on MAC's
  10. public key (2008 version - will put the 2009 one up soon).
  11. digital signatures handout as odt file has assignment in it
  12. digital signatures handout as pdf file
  13. report format and information
  14. rainbow tables
  15. fuzz testing
  16. virus and phishing handout
  17. Halloween special lecture on con games

Files used in the excercises.